About Us

Our Mission is to create luxury, pure and effective products using the highest quality natural ingredients. We believe in simplicity, keeping your skins natural system the way it should be.

Our Principles

  • Supporting other Small Canadian Entrepreneurs
  • Supporting organic, sustainable agriculture through our purchasing practices
  • Honesty and integrity in our business practices
  • Gratitude and Respect for ourselves, our customers and Mother Nature for providing
  • Running a fair and profitable business where money is not our fuel but a vision for healthier informed world

I am inspired by traditional ingredients and practices to heal the body and mind. I am passionate about ingredients and I believe that what goes on our bodies is just as important as what goes in it. We do not, and will not use anything synthetic, toxic, harmful, artificial, or GMO in any of our products. We use 100% pure essential oils and real food for scent and color. Our ingredients are carefully selected, they are ingredients you know and can pronounce. We create, manufacturer and make every item in Saskatchewan, Canada. 

A little about me...

I am a mom of three busy boys and one angel baby. My husband and I got married in 2012, we moved around for a decade and ended up back in our home town on an acreage raising our three boys by focusing on conscious parenting. I consider myself a bit of a modern hippie and create products with other hippies in mind. I am a neat freak and love to meal plan, I focus a lot on what food we put in our bodies. I take the health of my family pretty seriously and focus on prevention and getting to the root of any issues rather than treating symptoms. I am passionate about researching essential oil use, ingredient benefits and creating high quality products. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you!